Enter the percentages of members/beneficiaries by plan type to calculate the estimated number of patients with hepatitis C. This model uses the following percentages in its calculations:

Commercial   0.47%
Medicare   0.31%
Dual Eligible Medicare/Medicaid   2.91%
Medicaid   0.87%

If you have multiple lines of business, consider modeling each population separately if different rules around access apply.

* Note that the prevalence rate for the United States is approximately 1% (1.05%) but this is driven largely by three populations not included in this model: Uninsured (2.08%), Veterans Affairs (5.4%); and Prison (30.0%).

Source: This report summarizes prevalence rates by population, contains details on the methodology and original references: Milliman Inc. Health Care Reform and Hepatitis C: A Convergence of Risk and Opportunity. December 10, 2013. Available at http://us.milliman.com/uploadedFiles/insight/2013/convergence-of-risk-and-opportunity.pdf. Accessed June 4, 2014.